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FREE DJ DROPS for your Cinco De Mayo Mixes

Since all the clubs/bars and venues are closed for now, many DJs are going LIVE online or making mixes at home, so we made some FREE Cinco De Mayo DJ drops for your sets (YES, they are free, so feel free to SHARE the link on social media for other DJs to use).

6 FREE DJ DROPS (English and Spanish)

1) Happy Cinco De Mayo, Turn it up! This DJ is tearing it up LIVE in da mix!

2) Happy Cinco De Mayo, Its time to party- Turn it up!

3) Happy Cinco De Mayo, Its time to party (Mexican grito FX)

4) Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Turn it up!

5) Feliz Cinco De Mayo, Este DJ esta prendido y mezclando en vivo! (Mexican grito FX)

6) Viva Mexico cabrones! (Mexican grito FX) Feliz Cinco De Mayo- Turn it up!

BTW - If you want custom DJ drops with YOUR DJ name, please click here.

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