3 Custom DJ Drops for $40 (English or Spanish) NEW VOICE

3 Custom DJ Drops for $40 (English or Spanish) NEW VOICE

3 custom MALE VOICE DJ drops ON SALE for $20 for a LIMITED TIME!


These are English or Spanish MALE VOICE DJ drops delivered in 1-2 days.

Scripts (what drops will say) can be English and/or Spanish with this package with this NEW voice talent!


For your 3 scripts (what drops will say) enter them in the:

"Note from buyer" section when ordering and checking out like this:

( or email us the scripts Mixshowgraphics@gmail.com )

1- DJ__ is in the mix!

2- etc

3- etc


STOP!!! *These are for quick DJ drops like samples below* Please keep them short and to the point.


DJ Drop scripts ideas for inspiration (most popular, you can pick your own):

- You're in the mix with DJ (your name here).

- DJ (your name here)

- DJ (your name here) on the ones and twos!

- Your girl's favorite DJ, DJ (your name here)

- You're LIVE in the mix with DJ (your name here)

- You're officially in the mix, with DJ (your name here)

- The hottest DJ in your hood, its DJ (your name here)

- You're now rockin' with DJ (your name here)

- You're in the mix with the one and only, DJ (your name here)


See what other DJ's say when they got their custom DJ drops:


"Thank you! I’ll be back for more!"
DJ Matty P
"Thank you very much it came out super dope thanx for putting in your own lil touch to it came out awesome!!!"
DJ Exert
San Gabriel, CA.
"Thanks for the drops really awesome job. Thanks and Regards I will need more soon!"
Ola M.
"Hell yea thank you guys definitely be getting some more done thanks again!"
DJ Slim
Fresno, CA.


Get them WHILE THEY LAST- this sale ends soon!

  • Only a sample...

    So the sample you get once you order is ONLY A SAMPLE. Your custom drops you ordered will be voiced and produced and then sent to yo in 1-2 days via email (excluding weekends). You will get ONE file with PRODUCED drops, and the other with DRY voice drops only.

$40.00 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price