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6 Male Voice Custom DJ Drops for $50

6 Male Voice Custom DJ Drops for $50

6 custom DJ drops ON SALE for $50 for a LIMITED TIME! (regular price is $80)


These are male ENGLISH voice custom DJ drops delivered in 1-2 days. Again these 100% custom from YOUR scripts- you decide what they say!


For your 6 scripts (what drops will say) enter them in the:

"Note from buyer" section when ordering and checking out like this:

( or email us the scripts )

1- DJ__ in the mix

2- etc

3- etc

4- etc

5- etc

6- etc



*THERE IS A 5-10 SECOND MAX FOR EACH DROP!* These are for quick DJ drops, not for long intros. Please make sure you don't go over 5-10 secs per drop, or else your order will be canceled and refunded!!!


DJ Drop scripts ideas for inspiration (you can pick your own):

- You're in the mix with DJ (your name here)

- DJ (your name here)

- DJ (your name here) on the ones and twos!

- Your girl's favorite DJ, DJ (your name here)

- You're LIVE in the mix with DJ (your name here)

- You're officially in the mix, with DJ (your name here)

- The hottest DJ in your hood, its DJ (your name here)

- You're now rockin' with DJ (your name here)

- You're in the mix with the one and only, DJ (your name here)


  • Only a sample...

    So the sample you get once you order is ONLY A SAMPLE. Your custom drops you ordered will be voiced and produced and then sent to yo in 1-2 days via email (excluding weekends). You will get ONE file with PRODUCED drops, and the other with DRY voice drops only.

$80.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price
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